There are several questions from our customers and prospects. Please see below.

How much is the price?

    If you are a tourism bureau, the price is dependent on the size of your city. If you are traveling agency website or traveling curation sites, the amount is dependent on the number of visitors to your websites. We have one year contract and monthly contract. The one year contract has a discount. If renewed next year, there will be an additional discount.

Can we change data?

    Yes, you can. You can just send us the updated data.

What does NaviNaviMap work?

    The website will show the one route which covers all the spots in the city, starting from the user’s current location, which is a mobile’s GPS location.

Can we have specific data, such as seasonal data?

    Yes, you can. It is also possible. You can have both your standard data and specific data.

What data is possible?

    Any data is possible. Instead of traveling spots, you can have recommended restaurants and hotels.