What data is necessary?

We need data below.
Name Example
City Name Tokyo
Area Name Historical Tokyo
Spot Name Sensouji Temple
Longitude 141.347899
Latitude 43.063968
The format of the data is csv or excel, like below.
City Name, Area Name, Spot Name, Longitude, Latitude
Tokyo, Historical Tokyo, Sensouji Temple, 141.347899, 43.063968
Tokyo, Historical Tokyo, Honganji Temple, 141.347894, 43.063967
Tokyo, Historical Tokyo, Sumida River Side, 141.347889, 43.063966
Tokyo, Historical Tokyo, Kaminarimon Gate, 141.347892, 43.063965
Tokyo, Historical Tokyo, Asakusa Theatre, 141.347895, 43.063969
I will explain to you more about the “area”.
You can divide your city into several areas, in a geographical, seasonal and logical way. Please see the below table.
Type Example
Geographical East/West/North/South
Hill Side/Bay Side
Seasonal Halloween specific
Christmas event
Summer event
Logical Old city tour
Museums of your city
Local food restaurants
Of course, you can combine each type of data, such as Summer event in the south of the city.
You can create any areas in your city, but there are two rules.
Rule 1: Each area can have seven spots at maximum.
Rule 2: You can only have 100 areas in one year at maximum, including modification.
For the second rule, I will show some example.
If you have areas of Northern part, Southern part, Eastern part, Western part, Asian restaurants, historical spots and Summer event spots.
The number of areas is 7.
If you change the contents of the Northern part, it is a modification, so now the count is 7 + 1 = 8.
If you add new are of Winter event spots, then the count will be 9.
You can do this until 100, which I believe enough for most of you.