Before traveling, we probably ask some web sites to book hotel and air, instead of doing it by ourselves.

However, while sightseeing, we will check where to go next by crowing websites or checking a web map by ourselves. It is much better if there is any web service to tell us where to go next while in tourist spots.

Our service, NaviNaviMap, will provide with the navigation map of your city, connecting several traveling spots in the fastest route starting from his/her current GPS location.

From my experience, I strongly believe that the most important information for strangers is where to go next by which way.

Explanation by a video

Here is our video to explain the basic concept of NaviNaviMap. Please watch below.


You can see how the actual application works by clicking this link. This link is for generic users. You will see some advertisements, and you can select a country and a city. But when we customize it for you, no ad comes, no selection of country/city is visible, and some other adjustments would be there.

Need more information?

If you want to know more, please go to the Details page or dowlnload our PDF explanation document.


If you have any questions, please fill your name, mail, and comment below. Please don’t hesitate to do so! We will reply to you soon.